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When you buy a website from us at Extend Marketing it includes always these points:




Analysis of target groups

UI & UX Anpassad

UI & UX adapted


Mobile, computer and Ipad adapted

Hur vi jobbar med webbdesign

How do we work with web design?

We find out your company's goals for the website through a coffee or digital meeting. After that, we make an analysis of who your customers are and their needs. We then analyse where your goals and the customer's needs meet. We will also make a user persona (A long description about a typical customer in your target group).

After we have a clear picture of your target group and your goals, we will write down what features are needed on the website. We develop relevant keywords for your website that have the potential to rank on Google. The next step is to build a structure around how the website will look. Once that's done, we start to do the actual design.

Our first sketch usually arrives within 7 days after we have started working on the design. Once the first sketch is approved, the process continues. Once the website is complete, we will have a final meeting where we will go over what the website looks like, what features are available and how you can edit the website and if there is anything you would like to change regarding design or text content. 

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Buying a website from a web agency/marketing agency or doing it yourself can make the difference between getting traffic or not.

Don't know how SEO works or how to make a website conversion friendly?

Then I highly recommend hiring us!

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Homepage WordPress Stockholm

We are an agency that works with wordpress websites as many of our clients prefer the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas about how a website should look like!

Are you a company that is in Stockholm?
Then you can book a physical meeting with us - or digitally, up to you. 

Hemsida wordpress Stockholm
Varför en hemsida i wordpress
Varför en hemsida i wordpress

Why a website in wordpress?

The main difference between a wordpress website and other competitors is that WordPress is a program and not a service. Thanks to that you are not locked into a service but you can move your website around however you want from different hosting companies (A digital hotel for your website so you can store the memory). If you have a website with a service, you cannot move the website.

Besides that, there are 455 million wordpress websites online according to whoishostingthis own article about interesting facts about wordpress.

Ultimately, there are a lot of benefits but why we make WordPress websites from personal experience is because we make really good looking, mobile friendly and SEO friendly websites in WordPress.

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