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What is Search Engine Optimization

S.E.O SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of improving and customizing a website in order to rank higher in the search results. It is also important to increase link power outside the website and work with relevant keywords.

 With all the work we do with SEO, we strive to be at the top of the search results, with a primary focus on Google. As a result, we focus on Onpage optimization  and Off page optimization

Off page optimization


Keyword analysis

An analysis of your business's relevant keywords

Offpage optimering

Off page optimization

By integrating strategies outside your website, you can increase your rank.

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Onpage optimization

Customize your website to rank higher


S.E.O Reports

Report monthly on how Google ranks your website.

Onpage optimering

Onpage optimization

Search engine optimization on your website is called onpage optimization. Almost every change you make to your website will affect your ranking on Google. It's true, everything you do on your website affects your Google search results.

Our team develops keywords / concepts you can use on your website. Once we know what your customer base is looking for in the search fields, we can customize the page accordingly. Our next step is to analyze keywords.

Everything from titles to quotes to posts is analyzed. You can also use the Uniform Resource Locator to provide Google and the target audience with information about the page that is linked to. Adapting the page primarily to Google's algorithm is the key.

Onpage optimering

Off page optimization

Off page optimization Also known as links is one of the most important parts of how to appear in google search algorithms. Depending on the "strength" of the page, the linking power of the page varies.

Here is a simple example: if a page links to 20 different irrelevant websites then the link power is very low compared to if a website links to 5 different relevant websites.

Based on your target audience, we use different types of linking strategies. We will focus a lot on link bait (content that will clearly be spread by your target group) if you have a totally new product / service, where the focus will be on getting the spread among social media and websites adapted for your audience. If you do not have a completely new product or service, we will adapt strategies to fit your brand's distribution opportunities.

Analyze your traffic for free

S.E.O Analysis

Let us know your website url and we will check how you rank. URL of your website and we'll do a free analysis of your website's traffic! Then we'll get back to you with the results.

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Search Engine Optimization Stockholm

We are working with S.E.O in Stockholm! Therefore, we offer all of you who are interested in Search Engine Optimization and work in Stockholm or have the roads past a free consultation!

We can always have a digital meeting if you don't have a company in Stockholm city.

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